Work with the SMS editor – general overview

How to work with the SMS editor - general overview

The SMS editor is the place where you design the SMS message. You can create a single message for your target or differentiate messages by gender. You can also access a list of recommendations that will help you send effective SMS and save money.

Enter to the design options

Enter to a campaign or create a new one and click “Design” to access the design options.

Access SMS design options

If your campaign has email and SMS as communication channels, click SMS to design the SMS message. If your campaign only has SMS as the communication channel, you won’t have to choose, and the SMS design options will appear immediately.

The SMS design options will appear.

To start a design from scratch click “New design”

SMS editor

The SMS editor will appear to start writing the message. You will also see a list with rules and recommendations to help you in the process.

The editor has a box where you must write the message and, you will be able to preview it on the mobile phone.

You can create messages by gender. For this, check the box “different message per gender.”

The editor will be divided by message for males and message for females and, you can write different messages for each gender.

Last Updated: January 31, 2022Categories: Design SMS