Work with the drag and drop editor

How to work with the drag and drop editor - (general overview)

The drag and drop editor is an easy tool to design responsive emails without coding knowledge. This editor gives you the freedom to create any design adding text, images, and more advanced features.

Open the editor

To learn how to open the drag and drop editor, click here.


In the content tab, you find all the types of content you can add to your design.


You can drag and drop elements of different types of content to the page.


Every content item has some properties. After adding content, you can click it and define properties. For example, for the “text” content, you can select the size, color, and alignment.


In the “rows” tab, you will find different structures as options to organize the content using one or multiple columns.


After adding a row, you need to drag and drop the type of content for every defined space.


The settings tab corresponds to the general design command center. Here the changes will impact the whole design.

Last Updated: January 21, 2022Categories: Design emails