Use the image editor

How to use the image editor

The image editor has many options available to edit the images without using any other tool. It is possible to crop images, resize, apply filters, add text, shapes, and more. Learn how to use it, save time and transform your pictures easily.

Open image editor

Click the image you want to edit and, in the properties part, click the “apply effects & more” button. The image editor will open.

Explore the tool bar

The image editor has a toolbar with different options including basic ones such as crop and resizes and more advanced ones that allow you to add shapes, filters and, texts.

Choose an option

Select from the available options how you want to edit the picture. For example, to add text to the image click, “text.”

Text options will appear. To start, select “add text.”

Write the text, change color, select a font, choose text size, and place. Then click “apply.”

Save and remember that once you save the changes is not possible to return and undo the changes.

Be creative

The toolbar has different alternatives to edit pictures. Crop images, add filters, stickers, and more. Now is your time to explore and be creative!

Last Updated: January 21, 2022Categories: Design emails