Use text merge tags to personalize communications

How to use text merge tags to personalize communications

With text merge tags, you can personalize written content and create unique messages for each customer. Discover how to personalize communications, with customers' communication name, gender, and more. This tool will help to create closer relationships with a one to one communication.

Add text content

Drag and drop the text content to the board.

Choose where to insert a merge tag

Write the message and click where you would like to insert the personalized tag. The text options will appear.

Select merge tags

Click “merge tags” to see the different options of personalization. The available options depend on the company’s database and the customization done in the GETbizz account setup.

Select personalization option

A list of possiblie option will appear, click the option you want to add to the email.

A generic tag will appear in your design. This will be replaced with the information of each customer.

Make a test

Send a GETbizz test and view if the merge tag is delivered as supposed.

Last Updated: January 12, 2022Categories: Create and send campaigns