Use GETbizz models

How to use GETbizz models

There are different predefined templates you can use for your emails. All saved as GETbizz models. Learn how to access these templates to save time and get design ideas. You can customize and edit the models without limit to fit your brand and purpose.

Enter to the design options

Enter to a campaign or create a new one and click “Design” to access the design options.

GETbizz models

Click “GETbizz Models”


Access the entire list of models. Models are categorized by themes to make your selection easier and to help you find the perfect model faster. To search you can scroll down or use the filter option.


Click the preview button to see the design before selecting. You can preview as many designs as you want.


A new window will open displaying the design. To preview more models close the tab or return to the GETbizz window.

Select Design

Once you preview and choose the template you like, click “Select.”


The drag and drop editor will open with the chosen template. You can add, edit or delete content.


Always remember to save your design. GETbizz drag and drop editor uses a plugin and after a time of inactivity, the account session will be closed atomatically for security reasons. If you didn’t save your design you will lose it. Avoid this saving constantly your design.

Last Updated: January 21, 2022Categories: Design emails