Set a GETbizz model as my model

How to set a GETbizz model as my model

"My models" work as a library where you can save all the email designs that you usually use. There, you can also keep all the GETbizz models you like. By doing this, you save the time of searching between templates and you can define elements that are the same for all emails as footers or logos.

Open the GETbizz model in the editor

Search and select a GETbizz model. To learn how to do it click here.


Once the drag and drop editor opens with the chosen template. Add, edit or delete content.

Save as template

In the editor click “actions”

Click “save as template”

Name and Save

Give a name to the model, save it and the GETbizz model will be available in your models with all your changes.

Last Updated: January 24, 2022Categories: Design emails