Send 1by1 communications

How to send 1by1 communications

Sending 1by1 communications is very simple. The messages are predefined models created by your marketing team. Choose one or more customers to whom the message will be delivered - your target. Select the model, and send the communication. Your customer will be delighted to hear from you!


In the left menu, click the 1by1 button.

New 1by1 communication

Click the button NEW 1BY1 COMMUNICATION that will appear in the right corner of the screen.

1. Select the target

Search the customer, fill in any key information such as customer mobile phone or email, and click filter to see the results.

From the results, choose the customer by clicking on the ADD TO TARGET button. If you want to send the communication to more than one customer, search for the new customer and add it to the target to create a group and send the same type of message to all simultaneously.

Review and select the channels you will use to send the message. Choose them by checking or unchecking the box and click continue.

2. Select the model

From the templates of messages available, select the one you want to send to the group you previously choose. You can preview the template to see the message that you will send. You can also filter the list by model themes. Select the model theme you are searching, click filter and you will see a reduced list with just the models of the chosen theme.

3. Send


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