Search GETbizz models

How to search GETbizz models

There are multiple templates available as GETbizz models. Searching in a long list of options can be difficult and time-demanding. Use filters to select themes and find the related templates that can be useful for you, fast and simple.

Enter to the design options

Enter to a campaign or create a new one and click “Design” to access the design options.

GETbizz models

Click “GETbizz Models”


Click the filter button to access the filter options.

Choose a filter option

Search by model name, if you know it, or click themes to choose between the available themes to access the list of related models.


From the list choose an option


Click “filter”


The whole list of the selected theme will appear and, now you can search for a model in a shorter list with relevant templates for your business.

Remove filter

To undo the filter and return to the complete list of models, click “Clear filter.”

Last Updated: January 21, 2022Categories: Design emails