Search a customer

How to search a customer

If you need to search for a specific customer, follow a few steps and access general and detailed information about him. Only basic information about the customer is required. Use the name, email, or any other data and find the entire register of the customer immediately. Here we show you how to do it and how is the customer's information organized.


Log in to the store account and in the left menu, click the search button.

How to search a customer

Enter customer information

Enter any key information about the customer you want to search. You don´t need to fill in all the information. Fields are there to give different search options, for example, by name, email, or phone number. You can also search only snippets of content – e.g., mary.watson@


To search the customer, click on the filter button to find the customers from the store database that match the information you provide.

Select a customer

Explore the results and click on the customer to open the detailed information.

The customer profile will appear

It will display the personal customer’s information and even some tabs with detailed information about consents, communication history, and more.

Last Updated: January 21, 2022Categories: Store - Manage customer data