Read target results

How to read target results

After applying filters and selecting the type of target (with or without control group) you will obtain a target result. Target results have two main parts. Here we explain each item of the target result to read and understand it easily.

Target results

The target result will appear with this structure. It has two main parts: target information and cost information.

Target information

Channel is where you will find the channels selected for the campaign. If more than one was selected you will see the channel priority. The first one is the channel with priority 1.

Control group refers to the previous selection about choosing between target with and without a control group. In this case, it was selected target without a control group that’s why it appears “Control Group: no.”

The potential target indicates the total customers to who the campaign will be sent considering the limit budget that was predefined. In this case, the campaign will be sent to 15 customers.

Target size indicates the valid contacts per channel. In this example, there are 15 valid mobile numbers and 4 valid emails. As the priority is email, the four customers with valid email will receive the campaign through this channel and the others (11) with only valid numbers will receive the campaign through SMS.

Cost information

The budget will define the limit cost for the campaigns. It is predefined and corresponds to the value set on the definitions page.

The send costs will show the cost per channel.

Last Updated: February 10, 2022Categories: Create and send campaigns