Read downloaded target results

How to read downloaded target results

Download target results to save the GETbizzIds included in the selected target. The file will be in Excel format. Here we explain how the file is organized and how to read it and understand it.

Download the target result

Choosing this option, you will download an excel file with all the GETbizzIds of the customers included in that target result.

Excel file

The downloaded excel file contains the GETbizzIds in the first column. In this case, the target has four customers.

The second column refers to the control group. If you selected the target with control group option, some of the GETbizzIds will be marked with an x for this variable. This means that for those, the campaign won’t be sent.

The third column is named “Include in File”. If it is marked with an x this means that the GETbizzId was included in the target with the include option in the filters.

The fourth column is named “Exclude From File”. If it is marked with an x this means that this GETbizzId was excluded from the target using the exclude option in the filters.

To finish, we have the omnichannel fields. The GETbizzId is associated with an X in the channel that was or will be used. The first customer won’t receive the campaign because it is from the control group; the second customer will receive the campaign by email because there is a valid email, and it is the priority channel. The third customer won’t receive the campaign by any channel because it was excluded. The last customer will receive the campaign by SMS because there was no valid email for this GETbizzId. None of the customers will receive push because this channel is not part of the campaign.

Last Updated: February 21, 2022Categories: Create and send campaigns