Preview an email design

How to preview an email design

Preview the email design to correct mistakes before sending tests. Review how your final design looks on desktop and mobile devices. Discover the two preview options and choose the one you prefer.

Layout test: Preview directly in GETbizz

Follow these steps to preview in the editor and view the design for desktop and mobile devices.

1. In the Drag and drop editor Click actions

2. Click preview

3. Switch between mobile and desktop view

Email test: Preview in an email account

Send a design test to your email and view it in your email account. This option is just for a design test. The sender and personalizations won’t appear.

1. In the Drag and drop editor click actions.

2. Click “Send test”

3. Enter an email and send


4. View in the email account provided

Last Updated: January 13, 2022Categories: Design emails