Manage limit campaign target

How to manage limit campaign target

In the set-up of the GETbizz account, you will decide the limit budget and maximum target records for every campaign. This selection will determine the maximum number of customers to whom the campaign will be sent. Here we will explain how it works.

Campaign target limit

In the campaign definitions, you can see the “Limit campaign target” options. The values are shown by default according to the selected values in the set-up of your GETbizz account.

You can edit these values and choose any lower value for each campaign.

You will see the effect of these definitions when you create a target. In this example, the potential target is 7217 customers but the campaign will be sent only to 800 to accomplish both rules: a maximum of 800 customers and a maximum of 10 euros of costs.

Last Updated: February 20, 2023Categories: Create and send campaigns