Insert countdown timers

How to insert countdown timers

Using countdown timers in emails can be great for communicating special promotions that end at a specific time. You can use them for different purposes. Here you will find an easy guide to include them in your design to create unique emails.

Open the design

Open the design where you want to insert a timer.

Add image content

Drag and drop the image content where you want to place the countdown timer.

The assigned space for the image will appear.

Click a Row and copy the background color.

Enter to a countdown timer generator

Open a new window in your browser and enter a site that generates countdown timers. We recommend you to enter to On the homepage, you will see the options for creating the countdown timer.

Fill out the form, write an email, select a time zone, a date, the time when the timer ends, and a language.

Select timer colors. For the background color, you can paste the row color from your email design, and for digits and labels choose the one you prefer.

Accept the terms and click “generate”

A code will appear. Copy ONLY the link that appears on the code.

Paste link in your design

Return to your design, click the empty image content and paste the link in the image options URL.

Countdown timer

The timer will appear in your design. Save it and it is ready to send.

Last Updated: January 26, 2022Categories: Design emails