Add a new customer

How to add a new customer

To create a new customer profile, you need to fill in some required fields and save the information added. Then immediately, the customer will be available to send 1by1 communications, or in a few hours, you can send blast campaigns.

Database and seach

Login to the brand account and once you enter, in the left menu click the database button.


Click search

Create a new customer profile

You will find a button to add a new customer profile in the right corner.

Enter customer number or other your company’s key


Fill required information

A form will appear. Then you can fill the fields with the available customer information. Not all fields are mandatory. Remember that your customer´s data will be imported by GETbizz as soon as it comes.


After completing the customer profile, click save.

Associate contacts and add communication consents

Associate to this new customer profile the contacts (email, mobile, phone, or address). Also, add the communication consents by channel. Learn here how

Last Updated: February 9, 2022Categories: Database - Manage customer data