Associate contacts and add communication consents

How to associate contacts and add communication consents

Add emails, mobile numbers, phones, or addresses to customer profiles. Associate this contact to allow communication between brand and customer through these channels. After adding contacts, add the communication consents to determine the permission of sending communications by channels.

Access the customer profile

You can find the how-to search a customer tutorial here.

Associate contact

In the detailed information click, “contacts.”

Click new email if you want to add an email or new mobile to add a mobile number. Scroll down to add other contacts such as phone and address.

A form will appear, there you can add the contact. You can select the contact as preferential checking the box.

Save the changes.

Add consents

In the detailed information click, “consents.”

Click “new communication consent.”

A form will appear. Communication consents are created by channel. Select the channel to attribute the consent, choose the purpose, and select between communication consent allowed, not allowed, or not set.


Last Updated: February 9, 2022Categories: Store - Manage customer data