Get new target results

How to get new target results

Creating a new target result is very simple. Enter the filter tab, apply the required filters and choose the type of target - With or without Control Group. If you already have three results in the Results tab, you would have to delete at least one and, then you will be able to filter and get a new one.

Open the campaign

Click “edit” to enter a campaign you created previously if you’re not in one.

The definitions page will appear. Enter to the target section.

New filter

The previous filter results will appear. To search for a new target click, “filter.”

Select the new filters.

Scroll down and choose between target with or without a control group.

New result

The new result will appear in the Results section.

Delete a result

You can have a maximum of three results on the page. If you need a new target result, you will need to delete one of the three results. For this, select the result you will delete and click “actions.”

Click “Delete”

Confirm your choice and now you can apply new filters and get a new result.

Last Updated: January 11, 2023Categories: Create and send campaigns