Add GIFs to an email

How to add GIFs to an email

Using GIFs is a good idea to catch attention and send emails that make a difference. You can use GIFs to show different products in a single image, make the text images more dynamic, and more. Use and abuse your creativity with the embedded GIFs!

Open the design

Open the design where you want to insert a GIF.

Add image content

Drag and drop the image content where you want to place the GIF.

The assigned space for the image will appear.

Get the image link

You can upload the image (GIF) to your server to obtain the image link. Another option is to upload the image to a site. We recommend you to use On the homepage, you can upload an image from your computer. Search the GIF in your files and upload it.

Copy the direct link

Paste link in your design

Return to your GETbizz design, click the empty image content and paste the link in the image options URL.


The GIF will appear in your design. Save it and it is ready to send.

Last Updated: February 1, 2022Categories: Design emails