Add a new communication channel to a campaign

How to add a new communication channel to a campaign

Campaigns can have more than one channel if you create one campaign with just one communication channel, and later you want to add another one, it is simple to do it. Remember that any change in the channels definitions can destroy your previously selected target. Knowing this decide if you want to add a new channel or create a new campaign.

Open the campaign

Click “edit” to enter a campaign you created previously.

The definitions page will appear. There you can see the communication channels selected for that campaign. Check the box of another communication channel to add it.

Set new channel definitions

After checking the box the channel definitions will appear. Select and fill the fields.

Scroll down and save


A popup message will appear to notify that if you already have a selected target it will be destroyed. If you don’t have any target yet click “OK” but if you already have one target click “cancel” you can create a new campaign for the new channel.

Last Updated: January 11, 2023Categories: Create and send campaigns