Add a background image

How to add a background image

The drag and drop editor gives many design alternatives to give you the freedom to create great emails and explore your creativity. You can use images as backgrounds. Learn here how.

Select a Row

Access to the email design. Select the row where you would like to apply the background image. Enable the “row background image” option.

The options for adding an image will appear.

Choose the image

Click “change image” to browse or upload the image. Another option is using an image URL. For this copy-paste the URL to the box.

Once you select the image, it will appear as the background for that selected row. Remember that if you want all the rows with the same picture, you will have to follow the same steps for each row.


Use the options of “Full width, repeat and, center” to adjust the image as you prefer. You can select one or more or keep all the options unselected.

Last Updated: January 24, 2022Categories: Design emails