Access campaign sends’ history and details

How to access campaign sends' history and details

For every campaign, you can have a sends overview. You can consult the history of the campaign's sends and access the details for each sent.

Enter the campaign and open the “send” tab

Enter a campaign by doing click on the edit option of the campaign.

Click “send” to open the tab.

Click filter

In the sends overview, you will see a filter option. Click this option to see all the sends history.

View sends’ history

The sends history will appear with different rows, one for each send.

Access sends details

For more information about one specific send, you can access the details by doing click in the row counter.

The row details will appear in the “sends detail” part. Here, you can see the contacts list and additional information for each.

Switch channel

If your campaign has more than one channel, you can access the send overview for each channel. Select the channel and follow the same steps.

Last Updated: January 11, 2023Categories: Create and send campaigns